Matt Alesevich

Matt is a photojournalist and adventurer who has volunteered on two prior Yatras—2013’s in West Bengal and 2016’s in Gujarat. He’s traveled to dozens of countries, from North Korea to Iraq, and his work has appeared in numerous publications including VICE, AJ+, Public Radio International, Mic and the Global Post.


Chris O'Flaherty

Chris is a director, editor and environmentalist who has spent time searching for new lifeforms in the Caribbean Sea and living among Amazon Rainforest tribes. He has developed storytelling platforms and films for the UN, The Wall Street Journal, Disney Conservation Fund, Galapagos Conservancy and Bloomberg.


Charly Louise

Charly is a creative producer whose most recent work, In Tune, a documentary chronicling the life of Georgia jazz legend, Ben Tucker, will premiere on PBS in 2018. Her short films have appeared in film festivals worldwide, and in 2017 she received a Red Dot Award for her short narrative, Little Elegey.